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Pistachio Information

The pistachio dates back to the Holy Lands of the Middle East. The Pistachio grew wild in the high desert regions and was considered a rare delicacy. The pistachio was a favorite of the Queen of Sheba. The Queen decreed that all pistachios produced on her lands be for her and her court and no others. American traders first imported the pistachio in the 1880s. The primary consumer was U.S. citizens of Middle Eastern origin.

Since pistachio trees take 7 to 10 years to mature it took some time before any pistachios were available in the US. In 1950 the first tree emerged from the desert-like climate found in parts of California. The pistachios have flourished in California to the point that now over 100,000 acres are planted yielding more than 200 times the amount of that first harvest.